Choose stainless steel What are the tips

May 25, 2020
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 Selection of stainless steel to consider the use of operating conditions, such as manual or automatic operation, the performance and type of hot press, the quality requirements of the pressed material such as hardness, gloss and so on. Also consider economic accounting, each new throwing mill steel, requiring the production of a slow quality decorative plate times.
  In addition, the choice of the most reasonable thickness of steel, should consider the use of time, quality, stiffness, while taking into account the strength of sheet metal compression requirements; thermal conductivity; pressure distribution, pressure plate format specifications.
  If the steel thickness is not enough, easy to bend, the potential will affect the decorative plate production. If the thickness is too large, the steel plate is too heavy, not only increasing the cost of the steel plate but also bringing undue difficulty to the operation. At the same time also consider the stainless steel processing or use should leave the margin. The thickness of the copper plate is not absolutely consistent, but strive to the same thickness of the same plate as much as possible, the average size of the saw plate, the thickness tolerance of 0.05 a o.15 mm. If the requirements are too strict, grinding costs will also increase. Generally is a large tensile strength, hardness of large steel structure, the greater the resistance to mechanical damage, the use of longer durability, but grinding 殛 processing costs are relatively high